Transcript of handwritten commission.

                                                                     Cammell Laird
                                                                          Tranmere Shipyard
Mr. E Quayle
Dear Sir,

In reply to your letter of 23rd, I have been instructed to forward you for painting, two 3 ply boards as sample pictures each are to be seascapes.  There are 20 pictures wanted being twelve for smoking room for which we are willing to pay 40/- (shillings) each and 8 for dining saloon for which we are willing to pay 25/- (shillings) each.
Will you therefore paint one of each for the above price.
You will (
note?) a line which means moulding cover on each board.  I trust you will make a success of these, they are for two passenger steamers we are building for a Peruvian company for S. American waters.  Pictures are to be in oil.
Yours truly,
J Clark
for C.L.  &co.

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