The E C Quayle Gallery

My thanks to the many people from around the world who have shared their E C Quayle paintings.
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The most recent additions were submitted by my neice Deanna Webber, her husband Ron bought them in auction as a Christmas present for the artist's great granddaughter.  On the left a view of 
Douglas Head from Port Jack.  On the right, haystacks in Onchan with Douglas head in the background: (click on them to enlarge)

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       Bradda Head from Catharine Mona (Mo) Smith,  
     of  Bedfordshire. Mo's maternal grandfather 
   was John Costain from Colby.

Thanks  to Gordon Radclife in South Africa for these two pictures, on the left is 
Ramsey Bay on the right Douglas.  They may (following restoration)  be offered for sale.

The four paintings below are from the collection of Michael Coupe.  
The portrait is of his great grandfather, William Kelly , (1834-1925)
of Bucks Road in Douglas who quite probably knew and worked
with  EC Quayle's father Ned as a cabinet maker.


The following three were submitted by John Kerruish of Peel. 

The following were provided by Alan Kelly of Mannin Collections, 
Castle Street, Peel.  Valuations and specialist in all Manx Art

The following are from family and friends

The following are reproduced by kind permission of Manx National Heritage -  the Manx Museum

These four paintings are part 
of a series of old Douglas, all of  
them are now in the Manx Museum
They were painted in 1935 from photographs taken by the artist's son.


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The above self portrait was done in 1923
and is simply signed 
Yours Truly